Sunday, April 9, 2017

Lines of hands and foreign travels

Travelling to other countries and also settling in the foreign

Praveen Wadhwa

When the line of Life is strong and runs all the way or rather beyond the palm. Line is Saturn also is strong and also goes beyond the palm then person is bound to travel abroad and settle abroad.

Line of Saturn going beyond the palm area strongly indicates a severe desire in the person to travel and settle abroad.

Such person have a strong ascendant and ninth house of horoscope is very powerful as a rule. In the both charts below Moon is exalted in Taurus in 9th house and also Mercury is exalted in Virgo in 1st house. This is a sure shot case of settling abroad and a happy happy life.

Saturn line must go beyond the palm to indicate the person will settle abroad. Any break in the line indicates the difficulty and restrictions in that specific period. After that period is way past; the way to settle abroad is unlocked. With the help of palm and also with the help of horoscope it can be predicted the nature of the hindrance and also its remedy.

If the Saturn line goes beyond the palm but crosses the line of life - this means that person will visit and settle abroad by purely his own efforts, talent or education.

If Saturn line dose not cross the line of life, it is strong and goes past the palm area then person will settle in abroad by someone's help like marriage, relatives or friend.

If line of Saturn goes beyond the palm and has several branches this indicates the settling in the foreign lands and also other travels of serious nature those travels are connected with one's business and livelihood.

If line is Saturn goes beyond the palm and is wavy at the last 1/3rd or 1/4 length, it indicates that person is settled abroad but is not living a happy and fulfilling life. Person has a dream to return back to his native country but is unable to return.

If at the end of the palm there is another line in parallel to the Saturn line then person will eventually return to his native land and retire there happy.

A word of caution:
If Jupiter is not dignified in the chart then person will be always struggling in the foreign lands. A powerful 9th house is enough to send him to foreign lands but if his dream of happiness is fulfilled or not depends upon the Jupiter placement. However if line of life and line of Saturn are both powerful and without any flaw; Jupiter is bound to be powerful in the chart. One example of worse placed Jupiter is Jupiter in Capricorn placed in just any house.

Jupiter's role in the foreign travel deserves a new dedicated post.

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